Patient Testimonials

From the start I was impressed by Dr. Kristine Honda's conscientiousness and attention to detail.


Our son was initially diagnosed with scabies by a physician we were seeing at the time. We did what was recommended- treatment with Premetherine and waited. The skin condition would start to clear up but then start again. We returned to our doctor 3 times and were told to treat him again each time. It wasn't working finally the doctor said that it was no longer scabies, we offered that he seemed to be picking and she agreed that it was probably him picking the spots on his arm and to try some allergy medicine for   2 weeks, this did not work either.   After almost a year of frustration trying to get his arms cleared up through traditional medicine we went to see Dr. Honda, a naturopathic physician.


In our first meeting, Dr. Honda took the time to really get to know Colin.   She wanted to know everything. She was very patient and understanding, and began her research right away forming a complete picture of Colin. After researching and studying my son’s information she decided on a homeopathic remedy she thought was right for him.


Colin's arms began to get better within 2 weeks and are now almost fully cleared up with the exception of the scars from having this condition for so long.   I am very grateful to Dr Honda and am now a patient of hers myself.


Teresa Lamb